Frequently Asked Questions

1How does it work?
The customer pulls up to the pay station, selects Wash Menu, choose which wash you would like, and pay with cash or card. The gate will lift, allowing the customer to pull forward. Customer then pulls up to the tunnel entrance. A Customer Care Agent will direct you into the tunnel. The Customer Care Agent will signal you to stop, put your vehicle in Neutral, hands off the steering wheel, and feet off the pedals. Sit back and enjoy the ride!
2Can I pay with cash?
Absolutely! We accept cash and all major credit cards.
3Can I buy one wash instead of the membership?
Yes, of course! We have single washes available at all locations. You can visit our locations to see our individual wash prices.
4How do I sign up for the unlimited plan?
You can start the process right at the pay station! Simply select Unlimited Wash Plan, select the wash package of your choice, and insert payment. Take the receipt to the Customer Care Office immediately after your wash so our team can install your membership tag for you and complete the process. If you are already in the vacuum area, you can sign up at the Customer Care Office to get your membership activated quickly as well. Once our team member installs your tag, you can begin washing.
5How does the membership work?
Our Endless Wave membership works like an EZ Tag on the tollways. When you sign up, you put a card on file for automatic billing and we install a unique RFID tag with your preselected wash package on your vehicle so you can enjoy uninterrupted washing at all of our locations.
6If I’m a member, can I visit other BlueWaves?
Yes! Once you are a member and have your RFID tag, you can visit any of our other locations. Visit https://www.bluewaveexpress.com/locations/ to see other locations near you.
7What is an express car wash?
An express car wash is a wash for the exterior of the vehicle. We take care of the outside of the vehicle and you take care of the inside with our free turbo powered vacuums.
8Does BlueWave vacuum my vehicle?
Our BlueWave team members do not vacuum the vehicles. You are free to use the vacuums to detail and vacuum your vehicle at your convenience. Vacuums are available during operating hours.
9Do BlueWave team member dry the vehicles?
Each wash includes a powerful air dry before exiting the wash tunnel. Our team members do not dry the vehicles.
10Can I purchase a towel?
Yes! We have towels available in the Customer Care Office. Please visit with a Customer Care Agent for more information.
11Will my vehicle fit?
The max height of a vehicle is 7’2”. The max width from outside of tire to tire is 86 inches.
12Does the wash scratch the vehicles?
No. We use a soft-cloth material that does not scratch the vehicles.
13Why do I have to remove my hitch?
The hitch needs to be removed because they can get caught in the equipment that goes behind the vehicle. When the equipment gets caught on your hitch, your vehicle and the vehicle behind you are both at risk of getting damaged when the equipment gets released from the vehicle.
14Why do I need to remove my antenna?
All automotive manufactures recommend removing the antenna when going through any automated car wash because there is always the risk that the antenna will get caught in the equipment and cause damage to your vehicle.
15Will a BlueWave team member remove my antenna for me?
Our team members do not have the tools to remove antennas. We ask that you remove your antenna yourself before entering the wash.
16Why do I have to clean the bed of my truck?
We ask that all truck beds be clean when going through the wash to prevent damage to your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. Items like nails and hooks can stick to the cloth curtains that goes over your vehicle and not only scratch your vehicle, but also scratch all the vehicles behind you. Wood, lids from ice chests, and some tires can be lifted out of the bed of the truck and blown on the vehicles behind you.
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