Frequently Asked Questions

1How do I wash at BlueWave?
The customer will:

•Drive up to the pay station.
•Select WashMenu.
•Select wash level.
•Insert payment.
•The gate will lift, allowing the customer to pull forward.
•Once customer is at the entrance of the tunnel, a BlueWave Customer Care Agent will guide them into the tunnel.
•Customer Care Agent will signal for the customer to stop, put the vehicle in neutral, remove hands from the steering wheel, and remove feet from the pedals.
•Sit back and enjoy the ride!
2Can I pay with cash?
Absolutely! We accept cash and all major credit cards.
3Can I buy one wash instead of the membership?
Yes! We have single washes available at all locations. You can visit our locations to see our individual wash prices.
4How do I sign up for the unlimited plan?
You can start the process right at the pay station!

•Simply select Unlimited Wash Plan.
•Select the wash package of your choice.
•Insert credit or debit card.
•Take the receipt to the Customer Care Office immediately after your wash.
•Complete agreement form.
•A Customer Care Agent will install your unique tag with your preselected wash onto the windshield of your vehicle.
•Enjoy unlimited car washes!

If you are already in the vacuum area:

•Visit the Customer Care Office, located towards the entrance of the wash tunnel.
•Request to join monthly unlimited plan, also known as the Endless Wave Club.
•Complete the agreement form.
•Inform the Customer CareAgent the wash level you would like to have access to.
•Customer Care Agent will install your unique tag with preselected wash onto the windshield of your vehicle.
•Enjoy unlimited car washes!

No Refunds

•Paid Endless Wave membership plan fees are nonrefundable. There are no refunds or credits for partially used membership plan periods. Any refund, discount, or other consideration to some or all of our members are at our sole and absolute discretion, in accordance with applicable law.
5How does the membership work?
Our Endless Wave membership works like a toll tag. When you sign up, you put a card on file for automatic billing and we install a unique BlueWavetag with your preselected wash package onto the windshield of your vehicle so you can enjoy uninterrupted washing at all our locations. There is no contract and you can cancel at any time.
6Will my membership allow me to visit other BlueWave locations?
Yes! Once you are a member and have yourBlueWavetag, you can visit any of our other locations. Visit https://www.bluewaveexpress.com/locations/ to see other locations near you.
7Why is my tag not working?
Tags may stop working due to problem windshields, bad placement, tampering, or account issues. A Customer Care Agent can assist you with your tag and explain more about the potential problem with your tag.
8What is an express car wash?
An express car wash is a wash for the exterior of the vehicle. We take care of the outside of the vehicle and you take care of the inside with our free industrial-strength vacuums.
9Will BlueWave vacuum my vehicle?
The BlueWave Customer Care Agents do not vacuum the vehicles. You are free to use the vacuums at your convenience during operating hours.
10Will BlueWave hand dry my vehicle?
Our Customer Care Agents do not dry the vehicles. Each wash includes a powerful air day before exiting the wash tunnel.
11May I purchase a towel?
Yes! We have towels available in the Customer Care Office. Please visit with a Customer Care Agent for more information about purchasing towels and signing up for our Towel Program.
12Will my vehicle fit?
The maximum vehicle height is 7ft 2in. The maximum tire width is 12inches. The maximum vehicle width from inside the driver side tire to the outside of the passenger side tire is 73inches.
13Why does the store not answer the phone?
Our team spends most of the day outside to be visible and available for onsite customers. If you have a question or concern, please visit with the Manager onsite.
14Can I play my music while I vacuum?
Yes. We ask that music stay at a low volume so other customers may listen to their music of choice as well.
15Why does BlueWave not spray my whole vehicle with pretreatment?
The spray at the beginning of the wash is bug spray. We use this spray for bugs and bird droppings to help break down the enzymes before the full wash process.
16Will the wash get all the bugs off?
It is easier to get bugs and bird droppings off the vehicle when you wash frequently. The longer the vehicle is exposed to the sun, the more difficult it is to remove bugs and bird droppings. The bug spray we use at the beginning of each wash helps to break down and remove these items but may require more work to get them completely removed.
17Does the $16 wash clean better than the $6?
No. All levels receive the same Basic services. The higher levels like the Wax & Seal wash include more protection for your vehicle’s surface.
18Will the wash scratch my vehicle?
No. BlueWave uses a soft-cloth material that will not scratch your vehicle.
19What should I do if I think something is wrong in the wash?
If you are in the wash tunnel, honk your horn and our Customer Care Agent will stop the wash to investigate. If you are not in the wash tunnel, you may speak to a Customer Care Agent about your experience so they can address your concerns while you are still onsite.
20Why am I being asked to remove my hitch?
During the wash, the hitch has the potential to get caught in the equipment that cleans the back of your vehicle. When this happens, your vehicle and the vehicle behind you are both at risk of getting damaged when the equipment is released from your vehicle.
21Why does BlueWave not tape my rear windshield wiper?
We made modifications and improvements to our wash equipment. The tape on the rear windshield wiper is no longer necessary.
22Why am I being asked to remove my antenna?
Automotive manufacturers recommend removing the antenna prior to going through any automated car wash because there is always the risk that the antenna will get caught in the equipment and cause damage to your vehicle.
23Will a BlueWave team member remove my antenna for me?
Our Customer Care Agents do not have the tools to remove antennas. We ask that you remove your antenna yourself prior to entering the wash.
24Why am I being asked to clean the bed of my truck?
All truck beds must be clean when going through the wash to prevent damage to your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. Items like nails and hooks can get caught in the soft-cloth curtains and scratch your vehicle and the vehicles behind you. Items such as wood, lids from ice chests, and some tires can be lifted out of the bed of the truck and blown onto the vehicles behind you.
25Why was I told my vehicle was turned away?
While our car wash accommodates most vehicles, some models or modifications may pose a safety threat or be prone to damage. The management staff at each site knows the limitations of the equipment and can explain why your vehicle could not go through the wash safely. We strive to keep up all vehicles and customers safe during your visit.
26Vehicles and modifications that do not qualify to wash at BlueWave include:
•Dually trucks
•Vehicles with auxiliary tanks
•Flatbed trucks
•Jeeps with off-road packages